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This post covers the necessary steps to file a successful AT&T insurance claim.

AT&T provides customers with a pretty comprehensive insurance plan that Provides protection against loss, theft, physical and liquid damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions for your AT&T eligible mobile device for $7.99/month per enrolled mobile number.

File AT&T Insurance Claim Online

AT&T partner with Asurion to offer insurance protection service for your device.
To file AT&T insurance claim online visit this link: http://phoneclaim.com/att

How to file & track AT&T Claim 

This step by step Guide for at&t insurance claim

Your Mobile phone or devices must be enrolled in AT&T Mobile Insurance, Mobile Protection Pack, or Multi-Device Protection Pack.

If you are not sure of your enrollment you may verify it in AT&T device protection, follow the steps in change or remove AT&T wireless features to view your features.

If your device is lost, before filing a claim:

  • Try to find a lost phone or other device with GPS or location apps.
  • If you can’t find it, suspend service and blacklist your device.

File & track insurance claim

Your at&t claim must be file within 60 days of loss or damage.
You will provide the following when filing your insurance claim:

  • Device brand and model
  • Wireless security passcode, or the last four digits of the AT&T account owner’s Social Security or Tax ID number
  • Affidavit, personal ID, or proof of ownership

To file or track an insurance claim with Asurion, you can:

  • Visit phoneclaim.com/att
  • Call Asurion at 888.562.86621

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. CT and Saturday - Sunday, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. CT.

Additional information

When filing an insurance claim with Asurion:
Asurion uses express delivery. In most cases, you’ll get your replacement device in 1-2 business days.1
A non-refundable deductible applies to each claim. View the:

You can save 25% or more off the standard deductible if you go claim free for 6 months or more.

For Mobile Insurance and Mobile Protection Pack:

  • Upon fulfilling a second claim in any 12 consecutive months, your mobile insurance coverage will be dropped and you won’t qualify again until 12 months after the last claim.
  • There is a limit of two claims in 12 consecutive months.

For Multi-Device Protection pack:

  • Upon fulfilling a sixth claim in any 12 consecutive months, your mobile insurance coverage will be dropped and you won’t qualify again until 12 months after the last claim.
  • There is a limit of six claims in 12 consecutive months.

If your replacement device is not working upon receipt, call Asurion at 888.562.8662 for help.
Claims may be fulfilled with new, AT&T Certified Like-New or other models of like kind and quality. Colors, features, and accessory compatibility are not guaranteed.
The maximum value per claim is $1500.
If you purchased insurance from a third party, contact your insurance provider to file a claim.

How to Cancel & Get Out of a T-Mobile Contract without Paying

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This post cover 5 steps to cancel t-mobile contract without paying the early termination fee as usual

5 Ways to Get Out of a T-Mobile Contract

1. Prove You Don’t Have Service at Home or at Your Office

here you have to prove to the that You Don’t Have Service at Home or at Your Office, but ought to remember that t-mobile have a detailed map showing their service zone.
but it is possible that the level of service you recieve in you area is not up to their claim

2. Cite Their Change in Your Contract

If their changes in their term and con dition that dont suite you. like change that is “materially adverse” to you, you have the right to terminate your contract without a fee. As their term and condition review that paragraph five

3. Roam4. Trade Plans

As it is written in Paragraph 17 of the contract that they may terminate your service if, over a three-month period, at least 50% of your usage is roaming.

5. Take Them to Court

You may be unsuccessful in convincing T-Mobile representatives that you don’t have good service or that they adversely changed your contract without adequate notification.


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This article covers a detailed guide to AT&T Insurance, we bring to your notice all the three insurance packages offer by AT&T to it customers, as Replacing a lost or damaged device can be expensive.


AT&T Mobile Insurance

  • AT&T provides customers with a pretty comprehensive insurance plan that Provides protection against loss, theft, physical and liquid damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions for your AT&T eligible mobile device for $7.99/month per enrolled mobile number.
  • Coverage for up to two claims within any 12 consecutive months.

 AT&T Mobile Protection Pack

AT&T Mobile Protection pack provides you all the insurance coverage in the standard AT&T Mobile Insurance plan, as well as an extra layer of protection and features, which are as follows;
  • Comprehensive protection with AT&T Mobile Insurance, 
  • Expert technical assistance from the U.S.-based ProTech2 support team; You will have access to AT&T ProTech support via the AT&T Protect Plus app. Technological experts are there to help through this app for troubleshooting order to rectify your problems.
  • and the Protect Plus app for your eligible mobile device on an AT&T postpaid wireless plan for $10.99/ month per enrolled mobile number. AT&T Protect Plus app includes cloud backup for your photos, videos and contacts over the AT&T network or Wi-Fi
  •  Coverage for up to two claims within any 12 consecutive months.

AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack

AT&T Multi-Device Protection is a full-on insurance plan that includes everything included in the AT&T Mobile Protection Plan and extends it to cover up to three eligible devices, which may or may not associated with your AT&T account. Meaning that you get insurance for your phone as well as your tablet and/or laptop even though they are not in AT&T account.
  • AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack Includes comprehensive protection with AT&T Mobile
    Insurance, expert technical assistance from the U.S.-based ProTech2 support team and the Protect Plus app for up to three eligible mobile devices.
  • Plus you have the flexibility to protect your choice of two
    additional eligible devices, including Wi-Fi® tablets or laptops, or
    other smartphones or tablets, on an AT&T wireless postpaid plan.
  • Your primary mobile device must be on an AT&T postpaid
    wireless plan.
  • Coverage for up to six shared claims within any 12
    consecutive months.
  • Coverage and support for up to three devices for $29.99/month.

Sprint Phone Insurance

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Sprint offers mobile phone insurance package know as 'Sprint Total Equipment Protection'. This article cover detailed review on sprint insurance

Sprint Insurance (Total Equipment Protection) offers the most comprehensive protection for your device while protecting your wallet.
It combines both the Equipment Replacement program and the Equipment Service and Repair Program.

So even though you may spend just a few hundred dollars or less on a new device with a contract, you could spend the full retail price of up to $849.99 to replace a new device if yours is damaged, lost, stolen,  or  malfunctions.

Sprint Insurance

sprint insurance or Sprint Total Equipment Protection is an insurance coverage against unforseen loss, theft and if your phone breaks, stops working or gets wet. Some times you save hundreds on a replacement device and get it the next day. Sprint Phone Repairs are performed at select repair locations, including Sprint repair centers.

Sprint Protect Mobile App

Sprint now offers the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App to Sprint and Nextel customers. Sprint’s protection plan goes beyond a simple replacement policy, by developing a useful application that can assist you if something happens to your phone.
With this app, if you misplace your phone, you can activate the app’s tracking feature and pinpoint the phone’s exact location to facilitate recovery.
The coverage is optional and can be canceled at any time.

The Sprint Protect mobile app provides Sprint Total Equipment Protection (TEP) and Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus) customers access to all the benefits of their protection service.  Free users can access mobile device recovery and contact backup features.

Locate Your Lost Phone

This application will enhance you in locating your  phone using GPS and remotely lock or erase a lost phone to protect personal information. it is very simple restore your content to a replacement device, so your data is always safe—even if your device isn’t.

Automatic Data Backup

How do you feel when you know that your phone’s contacts, photos and videos are secure by simple setting of automatic backup.

Built-In Security

This another great features to guard your smartphone against viruses, protect your privacy, and optimize your battery.

Access to Tech Expert Support

sprint insurance customers care. Just a click connects you with a live, U.S.-based Tech Expert Customer Support for premium help with any question you can think of.

Note that this Sprint Protect mobile app requires a compatible device with Sprint wireless service.  Also free version of the app with limited features is also available.  The Sprint Protect app is provided by Asurion Mobile Applications, Inc.

Sprint Insurance Policies

Here are some basic insurance policies which apply as well. sprint will repair damage or replace the phone.

Sprint insurance deductile

Sprint insurance deductible ranges from $50 or $100, depending on the cost of the phone covered. The Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan can help people who have a knack for damaging or misplacing phones.

The mobile app plan costs $8 a month. Customers can also purchase the Equipment Replacement Plan and the Equipment Service and Repair Plan separately. Note that Sprint customers must activate their sprint insurance plan within 30 days of purchasing a new plan or activating a phone.

sprint total protection plan


Phone Recovery Tools:  That is through the app
Security Features:          You can remotely erase your personal information if your device is lost or stolen.
Data Synchronization.    If you cannot recover your phone, your data will be reset to a new phone.
Service and Repair.         Customers can bring phones in for repair to one of Sprint’s 1,300 service and repair locations.
Replacement Policy.       If you accidentally lose or destroy your phone, your phone will be replaced. Customers can file claims online and the replacement phone typically arrives within one business day. Customers can submit up to three claims for replacement phones in a 12-month period.


Cost:            The two-year cost for this service, $192, might equal the discounted price of a new phone, or mitigate the cost of a new phone when your contract comes up for renewal.
Used Phones May Be a Better Replacement Option:      New phones quickly begin to depreciate. If you lose or destroy your cell phone, you may purchase a used phone for less than the combined price of the plan’s premiums and deductibles. Before buying this policy, consider that alternative.
Deductible:           With a $100 non-refundable deductible applied to some claims, you still have a lot to lose if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. The $100 deductible applies to most of the smartphones provided by Sprint.
No Upgrades:           when you file a claim for a replacement phone, you will definitely receive the same type of phone, even if newer models are available. Although the replace phone may be new or refurbished.
Security Can Be Defeated: Criminals can bypass safety and security measures by removing the battery, and selling the device overseas, outside of Sprint’s reception area.

All Insurance policies are not designed to save customers money are designed to provide customers with peace of mind.

Do you use the Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan? If so, have you ever filed a claim?

Asurion Phone Insurance

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This article covers detailed guide on asurion phone insurance services, starting from asurion insurance coverage, to filling asurion phone claim.

Asurion insurance offers insurance coverage to over 280 million customers in 18 countries through partnerships with wireless carriers including Cricket, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T Mobility. Asurion operates about 25 customer contact centers mainly in the US but also in Canada, the UK, and Asia. It services ranges from insurance for iPhone and Android devices, to warranties for TVs, laptops, tablets, appliances, and even your favorite gaming system.

Asurion Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

There are a lot of questions to consider when going for mobile phone insurance
  • “ Do I need mobile phone protection? ”
  • “ Are cell phone insurance plans worth it? ”
As with many types of insurance, mobile protection has its naysayers—those who believe that protecting your phone in the event of loss, theft or damage is a waste of money.
Therefore, before taking any decision, make sure you know the facts.

Why Asurion's Mobile Insurance Plan?

Asurion promises to offer the following benefits to customer under their insurance programe
  • Peace of mind, and a whole lot more.
  • Save money
  • Next-day replacement
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Easy claims

How to enroll for Asurion insurance coverage

To enroll for asurion phone insurance you need to check if you are eligible.
To check, call or visit your wireless provider to see if you are eligible. As you are only eligible to enroll if you are within 30 days of activating or upgrading your device.

Eligible devices for coverage

The list of Asurion covered devices depends on your wireless provider’s specific cellular phone insurance program. Examples of eligible devices are phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks/notebooks, Laptop Connect Cards (data cards and Mi-Fi devices).
Note after enrollment, there is no waiting period before filing a claim.

How to file Asurion insurance claim

Read more about how to file a claim with Asurion’s mobile insurance. To get started, click here and select your carrier. Be sure to have the make and model of your device available, and have a method of payment for your deductible on hand. After you submit your claim, you should receive an email with tracking and shipping information.

Asurion Insurance deductible

Asurion, requires that you pay a deductible at the time a claim is filed. Although most cases the deductible is far less than the full retail price that you would pay for a new smartphone outside of contract renewal.
Asurion insurance deductible is required to complete your claim and ship your device.

Asurion Phone Replacement

According to asurion most of replacement devices ship next business day, from the time your claim is approved.

How to file asurion insurance claim

In our next article will elaborate on how to file a claim for asurion phone insurance

T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection (PHP)

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What is Premium Handset Protection (PHP)

Premium Handset Protection (PHP) provides coverage against device malfunction due to accidental damage, mechanical breakdown, theft and loss. If you already have PHP, and need to file a claim, find out how.
Premium Handset Protection is a service provided by Assurant Solutions and offered by T-Mobile that provides device replacement coverage as listed above, even after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection coverage

For pricing and other information on what's covered, you may about the JUMP!™ upgrade program and handset protection services.

Premium Handset Protection Coverage includes replacement of the device, SIM, battery, and standard charger.
Although Other accessories, routers, and netbooks are not covered in this program. But Warranty exchanges are completed by T-Mobile for device manufacturer defects that could occur within the first year of the Manufacture Warranty. So if you are experiencing a warranty issue you may Contact T-Mobile Customer Service.

Things to keep in mind:

  You have a Maximum of two approved claims within a 12-month period for claims of  loss, accidental damage, or theft (Subject to your deductible).
  There is  No maximum on the amount of replacements for mechanical breakdowns.
    Also a maximum of $1,500 per claim applies.
    When buying PHP only, the Lookout Mobile Security Premium feature is not included in the program.
    As they promise to do their best to replace your device with a new one, but it may be a similar reconditioned device. Replacement device comes with a 6-month warranty.

PHP Benefits

Here are some key benefits of  Premium Handset Protection
    Peace of mind. you will have peace of mind since you are covered for mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, loss, and theft.
    Convenience. it is very easy to file you mobile insurance claim
    Warranty. Every replacement phone comes with six months warranty or the original manufacturer's warranty, whichever is longer.
    Get reconnected quickly. As they alway say 'Once your claim is approved by Assurant Solutions, your replacement phone will be shipped overnight (if available), at no charge.'
    Low cost. With Premium Handset Protection You'll know exactly what you're going to pay for the replacement phone, and you won't pay the full replacement cost for a phone.

PHP Enrollment

Enrollment for Premium Handset Protection must occur no later than 14 days after a purchase of a qualified T-Mobile phone. You can cancel this T-mobile insurance coverage at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you already have PHP, find out how to file a claim.

For New York customers only: This t-mobile insurance includes the Service Contract component (Mechanical Breakdown). Also, you receive loss, theft, and accidental damage coverage benefits. Benefits may also be purchased separately through an insurance program that offers coverage in the event of loss, theft, and accidental damage for a monthly charge per device, or through an extended service contract that offers coverage against mechanical breakdown for a monthly charge per device.

All other states: PHP covers the Service Contract components (accidental and Mechanical Breakdown Damage). Also, you receive Loss and Theft coverage benefits at no additional cost to you. Definitely, You'll be a certificate holder on T-Mobile's Insurance Policy for Theft and Loss coverage benefits. Note that T-Mobile pays for these benefits on your behalf. There are no separate insurance fees.